To begin shopping from NAR’s Wish List, click on this link:

amazon_wishlist Wish List for Native Animal Rescue

A fun way to give to Native Animal Rescue is by shopping for the things Native Animal Rescue needs in order to care for the 2,500 wild birds and mammals that arrive at our door each year. The Wish List program makes it possible for you to shop from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. After you order the items, they are quickly delivered to our front door. What’s really nice is that you can be assured that we created the wish list. These are all products that we know will work for us and our patients.

If you prefer to shop locally, we will gladly accept any of the items on the wish list that are available from our own local merchants. Many NAR supporters enjoy shopping in town and bringing their purchases directly to NAR at 1855 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz.