Catio Tours of Santa Cruz County


What do bird lovers and cat lovers have in common?

We all want what’s best for the animals we love. Luckily, there’s a unique solution that keeps cats and birds safe at the same time…Catios! A catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats, a place where cats can enjoy the outdoors and still be safe from predators and, just as important, birds can be safe from roaming cats.

Co-hosted by Native Animal Rescue and Santa Cruz County Animal Services, our Catio Tours are a way to explore and celebrate the idea of catios. To date, we have co-hosted three Santa Cruz County Catio Tours, where the Santa Cruz community had a chance to visit a variety of different catios throughout the county and talk to their owners about how the enclosures were built, how much they cost, and how well their cats have adapted to them.

The purpose of the Catio Tour is to educate the community about this successful way of protecting cats from predators and birds from cats. The catios that have been on display run the gamut from small window boxes to large freestanding enclosures where cats and their owners can hang out together.

In addition to protecting wildlife, there are definite advantages to keeping cats from roaming. They live two to three times longer without costly vet bills. And they have longer, healthier lives.

Until our next Catio Tour, we invite you to review the catios featured in our tours in: