Proceeds will benefit Native Animal Rescue, the Santa Cruz County non-profit dedicated to the protection, rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured, sick, and orphaned native wildlife.

San Francisco: Still Wild at Heart, a film by Melissa Peabody, and featuring guest speaker Camilla Fox, founder of Project Coyote

Doors open: 6:00 PM, film begins at 7:00 PM

Advance online tickets for sale until midnight on Friday, February 8, Adults $15, Kids 12 and under $10

Advance tickets may be purchased at Native Animal Rescue, 1855 17th Ave., Santa Cruz,
Adults $15, Kids 12 and under $10

At the Door, tickets will be available on Saturday, February 9 at 6:00 PM . Adults $20, Kids 12 and under $10

This intriguing film tells the story of the return of coyotes to San Francisco and other American cities. Scientists provide insights into how coyotes adapt to and impact city ecosystems, how we can coexist with them safely, and why we should choose to do so. We learn how ranchers in Marin County are using humane and non-lethal methods to protect their livestock and reduce conflicts with coyotes. 

And through beautiful footage of coyotes and other wild creatures–quail, foxes, raccoons, herons, opossums, and parrots–we learn how animals survive and thrive in the challenging habitat of the modern American City.

Following the film, guest speaker Camilla Fox, founder of Project Coyote, will share her knowledge and wisdom about coexisting with coyotes and other carnivores in our midst. Questions are welcome.

Bring your kids to this family-friendly film. View trailer here