Raccoon Rehabilitator – Job Description

IMG_3915Requirements for Volunteers Interested in Rehabilitating Raccoons

As a volunteer raccoon rehabber, you will be caring for between two and six young raccoons until they are ready to be released back into the wild. This can take from four to six weeks beginning as early as June or as late as September. You need to be able to provide sufficient level space for an enclosure that is approximately 4’ x 8’ on rural property that is in or bordering on wooded land near water. NAR will provide the enclosure and the appliances (feeding bowls, water dispensers, tubs, and toys) and the food for the growing raccoons. Then you will have the pleasure of nurturing these interesting, curious, lively critters. Before you begin, you’ll receive training and will be provided with names of experienced raccoon rehabbers whom you can call with questions at any time during the season.

Do you:

  • Live on property that is in or next to a wooded area near water.
  • Have room on your property for an enclosure that is at least 4’ by 8’.

Are you able to:

  • Clean the enclosure at least once a day; preferably twice a day.
  • Feed the raccoons at least once a day.
  • Change the water at least twice a day.

NAR will provide:

  • An enclosure that is approximately 4′ x 8′.
  • Appliances including feeding bowls, water dispensers, tubs, and toys.
  • Food for the raccoons.
  • Training on rehabilitating and releasing raccoons.
  • A contact person who is an experienced raccoon rehabber.

If you are interested in volunteering to rehabilitate young raccoons, please contact Eve Egan at info@nativeanimalrescue.org or call 831-462-0726. A representative from NAR will arrange to visit you and inspect your property to ensure it’s appropriate for this purpose. The enclosure will be erected by NAR or its representative and will remain the property of NAR. When you no longer wish to rehabilitate raccoons, NAR will remove the enclosure at its own expense.

All NAR volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application and sign NAR’s Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.