Fawn Call Responder – Job Description

IMG_8934NAR needs volunteer Fawn Call Responders!


We are recruiting and training volunteers who can talk with callers about fawns they think are in distress. Fawn Call Responders also go to the scene and assess the care needs of these fawns. These volunteers work with NAR and Fawn Team rehabbers to transport fawns in need of rescue and care to NAR and fawn rehab facilities in Boulder Creek and Bonny Doon. During their shift, Fawn Call Responders must be able to respond immediately. Occasionally, volunteers will need to hike in rugged areas with rescue equipment. They must have a reliable vehicle that can access remote areas in Santa Cruz County.

Detailed Information

Native Animal Rescue receives dozens of calls about fawns each spring and summer from caring community members. We’re looking for volunteers who are interested in responding to these calls. Fawn call responders will receive training from experienced fawn rehabbers so they will be equipped to carry out the responsibilities of this important and rewarding volunteer position.

There are three components of fawn call response. All are extremely time sensitive and require immediate and calm action.

  1. Fawn call responders first talk with the member of the public who calls to report a fawn in possible distress. Fawn call responders discuss the fawn’s situation with the caller, assess the need for rescue, and advise the caller on next steps.
  2. If rescue seems appropriate, fawn call responders obtain detailed directions to the location of the fawn. They go to the location immediately to physically assess the situation. Fawns are often situated in rugged terrain so volunteers must have a reliable vehicle that can access challenging areas of the county. Hiking with rescue equipment can be physically challenging.
  3. If, after assessment, the fawn call responder decides the fawn needs to be rescued, s/he must be able to transport the fawn to Native Animal Rescue in Live Oak or to fawn rehabbers in Boulder Creek or Bonny Doon. If the fawn needs to be seen by a vet for immediate treatment or euthanasia, the fawn call responder coordinates transport with NAR staff or the Fawn Team Coordinator.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Fawn Call Responder, please contact Eve Egan at info@nativeanimalrescue.org or call 831-462-0726. A representative from NAR’s Fawn Team will call you to discuss your interest and invite you to a fawn rescue training to be held from 3:00 -5:30 PM on Saturday, April 16 at the Community Foundation located at 7807 Soquel Drive in Aptos.

All NAR volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application and sign NAR’s Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.

Thank you for your interest in this extremely rewarding and invaluable volunteer opportunity.