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What to do if you find a bat…Pallid Bat 2007 msl 200x200

Caution: Never touch a bat with your bare hands. Bats are wild animals and should be treated with great care. Never attempt to feed, treat, or wash an injured bat. Do not attempt to rehabilitate a bat on your own. This is to protect you as well as the bat.

If you find a bat hanging from a wall or a tree and think it might be injured…

  1. Wait until evening and see if it leaves on its own. Sometimes bats look sick or hurt but are actually just sleeping!
  2. If the bat doesn’t leave once the sun is all the way down, call Native Animal Rescue at (831) 462-0726.

If you find a bat in your home…

  1. Open all doors and windows that lead outside.
  2. Close off the rest of the house, leaving a path from the bat’s location to the outdoors.
  3. Turn out the lights.
  4. Leave the bat for a few hours to see if it leaves on its own.
  5. If it does not leave, call Native Animal Rescue at (831) 462-0726.

If you find a bat lying on the ground…

  1. Without touching the bat, use a cloth or a piece of paper to gently scoop the animal into a small container such as a shoebox.
  2. Put a soft cloth into the box to give the bat something to cling to.
  3. Cover the container and put it somewhere children and pets cannot disturb it.
  4. Call Native Animal Rescue at (831) 462-0726 immediately.
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