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This wobbly-legged fawn learned quickly to suckle from a bottle. His eagerness to accept both the bottle and the relatively tasteless hydrating solution inside was an additional indication that he had been orphaned. Photo by Alison Hermance

Was this fawn kidnapped?

Every spring and summer, concerned people find and rescue fawns that seem to have been abandoned by their mothers. In reality, healthy baby fawns are frequently left alone for up to twelve hours while their mothers forage for food. In past years, a high percentage of the fawns brought to Native Animal Rescue have been …

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Santa Cruz nonprofit hosts pelican documentary screening

SANTA CRUZ >> To bring awareness to the California brown pelicans and animal rescue, a Santa Cruz nonprofit is presenting “Pelican Dreams,” a documentary about the birds. Hosted by Native Animal Rescue, the film focuses on the seabird as a species and talks about their habitat, habits and environment challenges. (Click here to read the entire article in …

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Living Peacefully with Raccoons

Native Animal Rescue (NAR) receives many calls from the public with questions, concerns and situations regarding raccoons. Many of the calls are about injured raccoons and many are about healthy raccoons that have taken up residence under houses and decks or in attics. Although this can feel like the raccoons are a nuisance, with knowledge …

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Anna’s Hummingbirds year round

Anna’s Hummingbirds are among the most common hummingbirds on the Pacific Coast. Until the middle of the 20th century, Anna’s bred only in Baja California and southern California. However, the planting of exotic flowering trees on the west coast provided nectar and nesting sites, and allowed the hummingbird to greatly expand its breeding range. These …

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